From August to January 2016 I have been in English Department at Stony Brook University, NY, to continue my PhD research about electronic literature. At this time I have been investigating the relationships between human (artist, receiver) and nonhuman beings (machine, computer, new technology). The analysis of electronic literature as a “human and nonhuman literature” aims to direct attention toward invisible and non-representational digital objects, which like human, play the same role in generating and receiving electronic text. What kind of shifts have occured in the humanities, which contributed to increase the interest of nonhuman beings? How can we understand the term ‘agency’ in the context of electronic literature? How can we track the relationships between mediation and intermediation in the research of e-lit? In my project, I refer to the following theories such as STS (science, technology and society), the philosophy of technology, posthumanism, “thing studies”, postphenomenology, new phenomenology, critical new media theory, media archaeology, and electronic literature. This research is covered in my article under the title of “Electronic Literature and the Nonhuman Turn” which, I hope, will be published very soon!