iWonder – the section of BBC – published 15 key moments in a history of artificial intelligence from 1943 until 2014. The history covers the following breakthroughs, such as the first mobile, autonomous robot (1943), Turing Test (1950), Three Laws of Robotics designated by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov (1950), the introduction of the term ‘artificial intelligence’ (1956), the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology founded by Marvin Minsky (1963), Shakey the Robot, the first general-purpose mobile robot able to make decisions about its own actions by reasoning about its surroundings (1969), “Elephants Don’t Play Chess”, important paper published by AI scientist Rodney Brooks (1990), iRobot, the first commercially successful robot for the home – an autonomous vacuum cleaner called Roomba (2002), autonomous robots BigDog, made by Boston Dynamics (2005), a Google app with speech recognition, appeared on the new Apple iPhone (2008), the participation of machine IBM’s Watson in US quiz show Jeopardy (2011), and much more.

After 2014, we can indicate the next crucial moments in the history of AI, such as self-driving car Tesla, and Nao robots that passed a classic self-awareness test for the first time in 2015.