For the first time, we do write poetry for robot and not vice versa! “Poetry for Robots” is a digital humanities experiment instigated by this Imaginary Papers blog post and sponsored by Neologic Labs, Webvisions, and Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination. The goal of this experiment is to build a database of metaphors and poetry language in general for which source is poetry written by a user. By writing poetry, we can help to improve a “robot language”.

The task is simple: click and image and write a poem. You can be inspired by palm trees, a bridge in the fog, New York station, grapes, keyboard, mountain and much more. Your poem will be stored in the database with the picture as ‘poetic metadata.’

In the next steps, scholars will investigate poetries and try to reveal a “pattern of metaphors”. We’ll see if the robot has learned how we see, describe, and feel the world. Eventually, they aim is to write an algorithm generating poetry filled with metaphors.

So let’s help the robot to learn a language poetry!