The past few months have been quite busy leaving me with little time to update my website. So much has happened, and it’s been an incredible journey. First and foremost, I completed my Marie Curie fellowship at King’s College London, a truly great experience. I worked with wonderful people, learned a lot and produced a significant number of outputs that I’m proud of. I’m also thrilled to share that my book for Routledge has reached the production phase (more about it soon).

But the most exciting news is that I’ve landed a permanent position at the prestigious Wellcome Trust as a Research Manager in the Discovery Research programme. I’m part of the Early Career and Career Development Researchers team that aims to support curiosity-driven research across diverse perspectives and contexts to transform understanding of life, health, and wellbeing.

As a Research Manager, my goal is to foster a positive research culture, support researchers, and catalyse innovative, field-opening activities. A lot of projects have already been initiated and I’ll be sharing more details in due course. This is a great job and a workplace in the heart of London, at Euston Road. I couldn’t be happier with my new role!